I took a crazy risk to escape the dangerous shelter…

When the girl with wealth and privilege walked into the worker’s shelter, I wanted to be her. The girl’s face was tweaked to perfection. Unlike me. With my cybernetic eye and scars, I’m more monster than maiden.

But I wasn’t the only one who coveted what the girl had. The sharks were circling. And trying to save her, I ended up with her blood on my hands and her identity band on my wrist.

I used to be called Milla, but now I have her name: Rayne. Guess I got my wish. Kind of.

Maybe now I can escape the dangerous shelter I’ve been forced to live in, and get my family back together. First I have to take her place in a high-tech contest with stakes higher than I could have imagined.

And if I survive, I won’t be Milla or Rayne, but something entirely new.

Just try and stop me.

Skin Hunter is a YA science fiction thrill-ride with a dystopian setting and a sprinkle of romance. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games and Divergent, you’ll love Skin Hunter.