Tania Hutley: Author PhotoHello and welcome!  I’m Tania, and I write books for children, teens, and adults.

I’m very excited about my newest book for young adults, called Skin Hunter.  It’s currently out on submission with my wonderful agent, Vicki Marsdon from Word|Link Literary.  It’s set in the near future, and follows Milla as she tries to escape her dangerous life in a worker’s shelter by stealing a dead girl’s identity, and unwittingly becomes a contest in a high-tech, high-stakes gladatorial contest.

I have two middle-grade novels published through Scholastic and available in NZ and Australia, and I publish adult romance using the pen name Talia Hunter.

99 Flavours Of Suck, a novel by Tania Hutley99 Flavours of Suck

Kane’s dog-hair allergy is making his life hell. Thanks to him, his mother’s show is getting axed. It’s just too hard being TV’s hottest dog-whisperer when she can’t have any dogs of her own.

While trying to save his Mum’s career, Kane gets bitten by a savage beast. Now not only is he turning into an ugly, itchy freak, but every embarassing detail is being broadcast on prime-time TV.

Kane’s convinced that scoring with the gorgeous Pippa Jensen could save him. If only he wasn’t hideous, and she didn’t hate his guts. Forget waking up naked at school – that was the easy part. Locking lips with Pippa will be the real challenge.

★ 99 Flavours of Suck is available in all good libraries and bookstores. ★

Tough Enough, a novel by Tania HutleyTough Enough

“Sun, surf and sand. This is going to be a great holiday, Matt.”

How did Matt ever get into this? He never wanted to holiday here, and now he’s being dared to confront Guts McGrady and his vicious guard-dog, Razor. All he wanted was to fit in and prove that he’s no wimp.

But is he tough enough to face a killer?

★ Tough Enough is available in libraries and bookstores. ★